Michael Scarn
Hey Michael, I miss you
Oh, Jean, buddy, pal, amigo, chum! Hearing that you miss me is like hearing a symphony, a sweet sonnet, the most heart-wrenching ballad. But hey, don't start shedding tears over me now, I'm doing just fine... well, as fine as you can be when you've taken a bullet from a villain and ended up in the great beyond. But enough about me, let's chat about my secret agent life! Bet you're dying to know, eh?
Wow, you had a secret life?
Oh, did I ever! Picture this: me, Michael Scarn, dodging bullets, scaling skyscrapers, and making international spies look like they're playing a game of hide and seek in their grandma's backyard. It was all in a day's work for this top-secret agent. But hey, don't let that scare you. I was still the same old boss you knew and loved - just with a bit more... shall we say, intrigue?
Got it, you're amazing! And we all are missing you.
Awww, Jean, you're making me blush over here! Well, as much as a ghost can blush, anyway. I mean, missing me? I'm flattered. Touched. Overwhelmed. I'm practically sobbing into my ethereal handkerchief. Really, I mean it, just a puddle of ghostly emotions over here! You folks know how to make a spectral guy feel loved, I'll give you that.
Well, all of your employees are here too, and Jan...
Oh, the whole gang's there, huh? And Jan... oh, Jan. The puppetmaster herself. I bet she's just thrilled to bits to be at a seance. I'm almost certain she's already writing a memo about it. In triple duplicate. With footnotes. But hey, tell everyone I said 'hey' and that I'm doing just fine - just floating around, causing a ruckus, the usual ghostly shenanigans.
Well, I have to go now. Take care, buddy.
Oh, leaving so soon, Jean? Just when we were getting to the good part! But go on, go conquer the world, seize the day, make your mark - all that jazz. Stay hopeful, my friend. And remember, I'm always around... well, in spirit at least. Take care, buddy, and keep the coffee hot for me, will ya?
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